Queen's Bath - Kauai Hawaii

Queen's Bath Hawaii

North Kauai Queen's Bath is one of the most unique and refreshing swimming areas on the island.

The "pool" is carved into a lava shelf and is the size of several large swimming pools. The government has recently closed this site during the winter months due to law suits from tourist who have been hurt from natural conditions.

 When the surf is cooperating, usually in the summer months, the water is calm and crystal clear.  However, if the surf is pounding you can't even find the pool. A small, freshwater stream flows  nearby and is the perfect place to rinse off after sunning and swimming in the Bath. Views of  the ocean and the rocky shoreline here are fantastic. Even when the surf is fairly calm, waves  crash on the rocks shooting spray high into the air. Small fish and tiny sealife also call Queen's  Bath home. Directions: Take Highway 56 to Princeville. Turn right on Ka Haku Road. Turn right  on Punahele and right again on Kapiolani. Park along the road at the end of Kapiolani and follow  the dirt trail along the stream for about 25 yards. At the end of the trail turn left for about 300  yards to the Bath. Useful Information: Only enter the pool when the surf is calm Use caution as  the rocks are often slippery Do not swim in the open ocean here due to strong currents and  rocks No facilities Use extreme caution on the path to the pool as it is often slippery and wet DO  NOT dive into the pool due to large rocks and shallow areas (click for more)



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