Skopje is a compulsory and entertaining part of Balkan tours, many of which are considered the capital of kitsch. I think it is rather brave. Let's see why ...

Santorini is a real miracle. Once you step on the island, it will steal a piece of your heart forever. Lifetime journey based on a 7 days tour!

The Gellért Thermal Bath and Hotel is known world-wide and highly favored by foreigners. It was built in a secession style and opened its gates in 1918. The pool area was expanded in 1927 by the wave-bath and in 1934 by the effervescent bath. 

Hévíz is a synonym for tranquility and recharging and at the same time, it is far from boring because it has plenty of exciting and adventurous attractions. I visited it on the last weekend of April, to experience myself, for example, the ice sauna, which is sensational!

This place is something very special, which is unique in the world. Have a look inside a 100 years old public bath built inside a natural cave!

Seljavallalaug is one of the oldest geothermal pools in Iceland.

Thermae Bath Spa is a unique blend of old and new. It combines the best of the 18th century spa building with the contemporary architecture from Sir Nicholas Grimshaw.

Lukács Thermal Bath is waiting for your visit in every season! The historical complex located in a central but calm and traditional surrounding near to the Margharet Island which is the green heart of Budapest.

Southeast Asia has 2 beating hearts: Singapore is the heart of economic, Kuala Lumpur is the heart of travel-traffic-movement and good food!

We spent 10 wonderful days in Sardinia, the second greatest island in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Nested amidst the southern Pacific Ocean are the 118 magnificent islands and atolls of the French Polynesia.

Honoring 100 years of past, the US Virgin Islands announced the Centennial Commemoration. Let's visit this paradise and get $300 spending credits for historical or cultural tours and activities! Learn more...

Great promotion in the country of thermal baths. Most of the Hungarian Baths are waiting for you with a 50% reduced price and several programs.

Explore Dubai for less with My Emirates Pass! Do not throw away your boarding pass after landing!

Westin, Bristol, Eurostars, Sheraton and many luxury hotels from 22 EUR / person. Almost impossible, but you can check it here! 

Prize: Visiting 6 different destinations from 3 regions of the world, that exhibit sustainable tourism practices or initiatives.

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