Luxury Paradise - Panama City

Westin, Bristol, Eurostars, Sheraton and many luxury hotels from 22 EUR / person. Almost impossible, but you can check it here! 

Do you love luxury? Is it important for you to enjoy VIP attendance and to get extraordinary services? This is your city!

Do you want to try what is luxury about but don't you have enough money to buy it? This is your city and our proposals are your chance to try what 5 stars can offer!

The Westin from 22 EUR/person, Eurostars from 25 EUR/person, Hotel Bristol from 25 EUR/person, click on the links below to see the rooms!


This hotel awaits the guests with youngish style and top quality. Rooms from only 22 EUR/person can be find here.

The rooftop pool is a perfect place to drink a cocktail and chill with your partner.


The Westin

This legendary brand offers a terrace with stunning view to the city and glass-walled swimming pool.
Check the prices and the conditions of these super-cheap rooms here.

The bathroom looks like an artistic exhibition.


Hotel Bristol

This is hotel represents timeless luxury. Fine furniture, classical design and warm colors everywhere.

Search a super cheap room here!

The Bristol offers good spa treatments. You can relax and view the city lights before starting your massage.

If you wish, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of Panama city during the treatment, but it is also possible to close the curtains. 

The swimming pool is located on a terrace with a glass wall at the edge so the swimmers have a nice view to the city.

Selection of sweets and other drinks, foods are quite wide!



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