Amazing Georgia - Royal Batoni

Royal Batoni offer a hanging, unique outdoor swimming pool with the view of Ilia's lake.


Do you want to travel in time? Let's escape from daily life and relax in a fantastic atmosphere in the hotel-palace Royal Batoni, which is a good combination of traditional architecture and modern comfort.

For room reservation contact directly on their phone number: 595 99 66 11 or via mail: royalbatoni @ gmail dot com 

The blend of unique nature, architecture, dazzling views and high quality service, creates the best possible atmosphere for holidays, business and festive occasions.

Ilia's lake is also on the picture...but the main attraction is the stunning view of the pool.

Warm and friendly service for the guests

Chillin'  Do you like it?

Pool or lake? It's hard to decide but we want to swim definitely

The hotel offers a wine cellar which is a great competitor of the pool. Now the cellar won


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