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Mazzini 31 is composed of an elegant noble apartment - apartamento nobiliare - with terrace, the adjacent stables, and underground caves, all part of a medieval palazzo at the edge of the old town with an incredible vista of the fertile Chiana Valley.

The four story building was the home of a wealthy family with vast estates in the area and was reconfigured multiple times over four centuries to meet their changing needs Its current layout is typical of the late 1700’s and features a central grand stairway that gives access to a few private residences, one of which is Mazzini 31. The grand stairway is fully restored with cast iron railings, frescos, and the crest of the Marocchi family which owned the property for centuries visible on the vaulted ceiling. The palazzo is constructed of exposed terracotta brick typical of this area with a carved grey stone entry on Via Mazzini, one of the principal streets of the town. The grand entry hall which showed off the wealth and position of the Marocchi family takes you to the three bedroom residence and terrace on the second floor as well as to the stables which have been converted to a spa/pool and the caves which now house a fully stocked wine cellar both entered on the ground floor.

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Inviting colorful private space

The old stables of the building have been transformed from dark and musty rooms with dirt floors and pigeon coops into a bright airy, private spa with marble clad pool and jacuzzi, kitchenette with fridge and bar sink, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, and an additional bathroom and shower. The spa features a stone floor with in-floor heat which makes this a cozy spot all year round. The pool was custom fitted with a flush water edge that provides an extra touch of luxury and modernity in the modest context of the brick walls and vaulted ceilings of the former stables. Additional touches like the open wire chandeliers that imitate old lanterns and raised lounging platforms with old world style mattresses and colorful cushions make the spa an inviting private space for our guests to relax at any time of day or night all year round.

In good weather, you can step outside of the spa on to a charming pedestrian street and have a seat on a comfortable wicker chair to enjoy the view of the valley and the feel of a small Italian town while reading a book, chatting, or sipping a glass of wine from the wine cellar.

Another special feature of Mazzini 31 is a fully stocked wine cellar offering wonderful local wines and other selected delicacies of the region. The wine cellar is accessible via a long stair that takes you under the palazzo below the spa. 

During the renovation of the stables has been discovered two mysterious modern interventions on the stable floor that were removed to reveal two deep caves dug into the rock under the palazzo. These caves are typical of many parts of Italy and were originally used for storing the wine and olive oil production of the estates of the Marocchi family.

The larger of the two caves has been converted into a wine cellar with a collection of more than 200 bottles of wine exclusively for the enjoyment of our guests. This most unusual room features a large antique table for wine tastings and as well as a beautiful white Murano glass chandelier.

To providing a warm space to dine, the kitchen shows off ancient and modern elements of the palazzo’s construction. In the modern Italian style all appliances are concealed to offer a clean, elegant 21st Century touch.

A rustic farm table with a mix of chairs and three custom chandeliers made from a collection of old plates and dinnerware complete the totally renovated space. The gourmet kitchen is full equipped and will please any ambitious cook. With access to the terrace directly from the kitchen, you can choose whether to eat any meal al fresco or indoors.

The dramatic terrace was built over a charming pedestrian street, the terrace provides a panoramic view of the Chiana Valley. This historic fertile valley was the breadbasket of the Etruscans, the object of conquest by the Romans, and the subject of an engineering project for Leonardo da Vinci.

It is hard to imagine a more beautiful spot for enjoying the beauty and serenity of the valley dotted with the quintessential elements of the Tuscan landscape-- olive orchards and vineyards, stone farm houses, and fields of grain.

Mazzini 31 is located in Umbria, in the heart of the Valley of the Chiana at the border with Tuscany. Within minutes you can be marveling at the cultural richness of the most interesting regions of Italy which offer the delights of both ancient and contemporary Italian life. Prehistoric civilizations, the Etruscans, the Romans, and the feudal wars of early and late Renaissance shaped the towns, the cities, and the endlessly enchanting landscapes. Today this complex history can be enjoyed and savored in all its charms. Beautiful vistas, archeological sites, little hamlets perched on top of hills, verdant woods and peaceful lakes, the artistic patrimony of churches and museum, the delightful food and wines, the festivals and palios, and the charming people of the area will make your stay most enjoyable.


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