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Rudas Baths is unique among baths in Budapest being open on Friday and Saturday nights.


The centerpiece of the bath today, the Turkish bath, was built during the 16th century in the period of the Turkish occupation. Below the 10 m diameter dome, sustained by 8 pillars, there is an octagonal pool. The swimming pool, operating as a therapeutic swimming facility and with a sauna, was built in 1896. The thermal bath has been visited from 1936 o­n exclusively by men. In its drinking hall, the water of the springs Hungária, Attila and Juventus can be consumed for the purposes of a drinking cure.

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Ancient interiorAncient interior right side

The hot spring of the thermal bath is rich in calcium, magnesium, fluoride ions, hydrogen-carbonate, sulphate and sodium. The water is used for the therapeutic purposes for the following illnesses:

  • joint degeneration
  • protruded intervertebral disc
  • bone system calcium deficiency
  • neuralgia
  • chronic arthritis

Drinking fountainNight bathing


City view in the nightCity panorama

Rooftop sun

Romantic view

Evening lights

Night lights        Night lights2


The Rudas Thermal Bath has six steam pools and a swimming pool. The swimming pool has 278 square meters of water surface and 29C water temperature. In the steam pool section the largest pool offers 96.5 square meters of water surface and 36 °C water temperature, there are four 9 square meter large pools with 28-30-33 and 42 °C water temperature, and the smallest pool is 4.5 square meters, with 16 °C water temperature.

Central pool

Relax cornerRelax room

On Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only gentlemen may access the bath, while Tuesday is a day for ladies. Saturdays and Sundays are open for both men and women, during which time bathing suits are compulsory.

Traditional interiorWall painting

Wellness pool

Intimate place

Red pool

Modern wellness area

Deluxe corner

There is the city, you can see through the window

Everything for happinessClean&comfortable

Old pool again

The thermal bath is open from 06:00 AM every day, and closes at 6:00 PM Monday through Wednesday, and at 8pm Thursday through Sunday. The steam bath section is open from 6am until 8pm every day. The tub bath section is open from 8am until 8pm on weekdays only. Night-bath from 10pm until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays.





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