Flights from Budapest to FARO (Portugal) from €38 return!

Return flights from 38 EUR from Budapest, Faro, Portugal! Check this out and do not forget to send us a photo during your stay!

If you are a member of Wizz Discount Club, you can book your ticket at only from €38 round-trip and from €51 for all others!

Where is Faro?
It is a charming city with a legendary Lighthouse built in 1847 in the southwest region of Portugal, called Algarve.

It has an attractive coastal, with huge green parks and plazas. The historic old town is waiting for you with full of pedestrian lanes and outdoor cafes. Its huge tudent population ensures a happening nightlife, but the lovers of arts will find their way as well as its theatre scene is strong, too.

Travel dates: April – June 2017


15 – 22 Apr (€54 with WDC, €70 for all others)

22 – 29 Apr (€38 with WDC, €51 for all others)

29 Apr – 3 May (€54 with WDC, €70 for all others)

6 – 13 May (€54 with WDC, €70 for all others)

27 May – 3 Jun (€41 with WDC, €58 for all others

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