by Waterfan
General guidelines

We bear the cost of traveling to your property, but hosting us for minimum 1 night and let us experience your services is required from your side as well. 

Why do we believe in this mode of operation?
In this way both of us, we and you can feel real engagement and motivation in direction of our common goal.
The value we provide you through the reach and high knowledge of the Eastern European market and understand the habit of travelers coming from this area, returns your investment profusely.
We know, that if only 1 couple decide to stay at your property after reading it on our website, then our common work pays off. 
Quality of our articles
The type of the text depends always on the property owners/managers request:
  • Personal photo essay 1-2000 words
  • Edited photo essay with given paragraph(s) by the property
  • Photo album with short notes

The content and impressions are based on our personal experiences.

We believe that all of our chosen Partners provide excellent services, however if our experience might be not perfect, we will not write any untruth statements.

Our most essential faith and fundamental of Spabook is trustworthiness. 

Extended services

Should you need any feedback about your services, do not hesitate to request our Hospitality Consultancy Service. 

Small things make the real difference. We will show them to you. 



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