Premium Spa World – Premier Palace Hotel, Bucharest

by Waterfan

Premier Palace is a great starting point to explore the historical countryside and wild landscape of Romania. It welcomes the guests with the largest spa in the country after an adventurous day tour. Are you a celebrity? Than this place is an extra perfect choice! 

Romania offers great hiking and skiing for the active, or, seaside lounging for the less ambitious. Bucharest is currently not on the top of the pop cities but it will be there soon! This city is called also Paris of the Eastern and it is not a coincidence. There are long and wide avenues around lined with beautiful trees along. We saw the longest water fountain ever in front of the Parliament Building! It is a must to see in the night before going into the Old Town which is a magnificent attraction of the capital city. The Old Town seems to be ancient in daytime and it has a world class nightlife after the sunset! The pedestrian-only streets are full with chairs, tables and people sitting in a bar or restaurant. What we liked the most was that guests from the youngest to the oldest generation represented there themselves. Before the nightlife can be experienced, you have to catch a taxi or travel by the transfer offered by the hotel. 

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That swimming pool awaited us to jump in, so we checked-in as quickly as possible, the whole process was very easy and effective. As we entered the reception hall we felt nice scent in the air. The back-lighted stones caught our eyes immediately. This unique element of high class design was used in many areas of the hotel, see a picture later from the Tepidarium and you will fall in love with this solution!

It is important to mention that the hotel is located a little bit out from the city center but compared to the facilities and services, it is a good point. There are day tours, transfers and any type of transportation from basic to the luxury car or even a long limousine available upon request. This solution is the best if you would like to explore the countryside. Although the Premier Palace was built only 4 years ago, a lot of celebrities decided to stay there because of it’s strong privacy. Look at this names, just for a short example: Andrea Bocelli, Julio Iglesias, Michael Bolton, Remy Bonjasky. They all gave an autograph and the hotel is proud to show them in the Piano Bar. We had a special feeling not only because the special visitors but because we felt that all the guests are welcome and appreciated. 

The hotel offers 82 rooms from 37 to 77 sqm which are the biggest in their own category in the city. The presidential suite gave home to the celebrities on 130 sqm, just have a look at that spacious room for the kitchen, dining and living!

Relaxation is the key point which is helped by the relax chair, smooth lights, and candles as well. The carpet is our all time favourite because it is super-soft in the entire property. We do not have any idea how it is possible to keep it clean but the staff is doing a great job, respect!

It was a nice gesture that we were welcome with a huge fruit plate in our room. It was pleasant to have a little rest after the long flight and to eat some vitamin.  

The basic deluxe room is very comfortable with the saloon-styled place in front of the window. It is perfect to drink something and have a little chat with your partner, or to make a plan for the day. It is an excellent idea to place a very good quality guidebook about Bucharest and Romania to every room. The book looks nice and gives so much relevant information that you will forget to use your mobile phone and the complimentary high-speed WiFi. We had the idea to collect autograph from the staff and bring the book home but in the end we left it in the room for the next lucky visitor of course. 

There are more bars and restaurants to have a drink outside the room. This one gives place to weddings as well. The couple from England could tell more about a wedding in the Premier Palace because they came back this year at the time of their anniversary to celebrate it in the spa center. The hotel offers special anniversary packages for every couple who married there. But that’s all about this topic, take a look at the background lightened stones and hand-painted windows instead! Simply mesmerizing! 

It’s time to visit the largest spa of Romania! The Premier Health Spa offers a healthy 5 star experience on 3000 sqm on 3 floors and 20 treatment rooms. As we tried to find out where to start our spa session we enjoyed the silent background sounds of the forest and birds. It is really relaxing and creates special atmosphere.

We started at the Bio Sauna with lower temperature, around 50 Celsius Degrees, than we continued in the Ice Room and the Thunder Experience Shower. The latter is real fun with sound and light effects, variation of warm and cold water.

After drying and healing the salty air in the Salt Room we went into the spacious Finnish Sauna with a temperature around 90 Celsius Degrees. The design, the used materials and the sizes are quite impressive.

The Thermarium offers a hydropool as well with several massage facilities built-in. Our favourite were the chairs in the water. We could have sat there for an hour but gave place also to others guests.

After the wet areas we moved to the Tepidarium which is insanely cool! Not the air, it is warm enough but the design, we can’t find the words for it, it has to be experienced. We turned down all the lights and let the wall to charm us.

 There are 3 levels in the Spa, at the next floor we found something very nice. Yes, that is a real oriental Hamam Bath! 

Within Premier Palace the guests benefit from the fusion of well-known therapies with maintenance of the state of healthy, as well as the amelioration of different diseases through kinetic therapies performed in the aquatic environment (hydrotherapies), as well as therapies which have warm salty baths with salt from Bazna and medicinal plants which have an anti-rheumatic effect. We could choose from series of massages with prophylactic and curative purpose.

The Iyashi Dome is a revolutionary concept which origins from Japan, and is based on a system of long infrared beams of organic origin. It was developed to help eradicate the buildup of toxins, and restore the body to its natural state of balance. As it was said by our Spa Expert a few sessions of Iyashi Dome assist to lose weight, reduce cellulite, prepare the body for physical activity, relax the muscles, soften and rejuvenate the skin, and eliminate toxins and giving a feeling of well-being. Up to 600 calories can be burned per 30 minutes session and one session produces the same quantity and quality of perspiration as a 20 km run.

The Vacu Styler technology originally used in spatial medicine to allow a good peripheral circulation in conditions of weightlessness. Based on the principle of negative pressure applied alternately the machine stimulates bloodstream toxins and residues that directs the lymphatic system for elimination. It is recommended in the treatment of peripheral circulatory disorders, stimulate lymphatic drainage and rapid regeneration after injuries. As we know it is used by the football team of Real Madrid as well.

As we experienced the Premier Spa is a fusion concept between Wellness and Medical Spa with wide variety of services, treatment and facilities. Everyone can have a whirlpool bathtub at home, but not like this below. The special design and professional technology makes a difference! We suggest everyone to order a session, sit for a couple of minutes in this tub and let the water to work on their body.  

Above the medical recovery, physical therapy we could also enjoy stress management, detoxification, Techirghiol mud massage(!!!) and several facial treatments. There are 2 main trade marks of cosmetics available. We will not write their name but it is interesting that there are 2 types of guests: “A” type want to use only “A” trade mark, while “B” group of guests are buying and bringing back home the “B” trade mark via airplane. Feel free to try any of them, they are representing a really high quality.  
There is some free refreshment as usual. The fresh lemonade cools down after a hot sauna or steam room. It is nice that if you want, you can drink something hot as well.

We were very happy to catch a moment in the night without any other swimmers inside so we could see the beauty of the materials around, especially inside the pool. Look at the glittering mosaics at the bottom of it!

After a long but fully relaxing day we had a shower in our room and turned up the volume of the centrally managed relaxing music in the bathroom. The songs can not be changed by us but the feature is great anyway!  

The whole property was designed by Italian designers and the furniture, the soaps and several accessories were made in the Mediterranean country. The white frames are giving nice harmony around the building and make connection between the rooms, the floors and the public areas. The heaters on the floors look like open fireplaces and they have the same frame as well. This fireplace thing seems to be a local attraction because we saw the same solution in other places as well.

We shortly prepared for the night after a long relaxing day in the Premier Spa and ordered a taxi with the help of the Reception into the Old Town. The prices for the taxi are low but always ask the hotel to order one for you or use their transfer service for safety. There are some drivers who try to scam the passengers as usual in almost every big city. The center is absolutely safe to walk in the night, we saw lot of retired couples living an active nightlife there. It’s so lovely, isn’t it?

It was easy to find a place to eat something for affordable prices. The main courses, the desserts and sweets are super delicious, especially the home made versions.

Guess, we will buy an airline ticket again and we will be back soon! We propose to check out WizzAir flights, there is a direct flight from Budapest, too. 



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