Welcome back in the city oasis – Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit

by Waterfan

Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit warmly welcomed us when we came back to the capital of Thailand. We were delighted that we were there again and enjoyed the place. Personally, my favorite was the terrace at the swimming pool.

During the booking process we always think through whether to stay again in a specific hotel or choose an other one in our planned destination. We do this even if the supply is almost endless, for example in a huge city like Bangkok which is among the world’s top tourist destinations and was named “World’s Best City” for four consecutive years by the leading Travel + Leisure magazine. The city has a population over 8 million people but with the surrounding suburb area this figure shows 14 million inhabitants! Holiday Inn Hotel Sukhumvit was the hotel to choose again and we saved plenty of time for the holiday instead of trying to find something else. It is in a good district with cool shopping centers, massage saloons, street food vendors around. Since our last visit, a smaller theme park have been opened next to it, so it is great if you travel with children. The hotel has launched their new website, you can find direct contact and how to reach description on it.

After arrival, our luggage was taken to our room located on the 22nd floor. Until that, at the check-in we got all the necessary information in order to have a good time in Bangkok and to spend a good night in the hotel. There was a cool improvement since my last visit, too. A new mobile application was implemented which act like a pesonal assistant for the guests. It is very easy to handle and after choosing an interesting place like a shop, restaurant or concert it will show the way to go there. We had a good night after our evening program, thanks to the curtain which is dark enough to enjoy a deep sleep in the dark night.

We were impressed by the caring milieu. There was a small message placed on our bed with the signature and name of our room attendant. We also got a coupon with some promotional offer.

Check the room prices here and find the best offer to yourself!

I am maniac in this, but I can tell you, that the bed is comfortable, especially with the proper pillows. There are more types and you can choose what you want. I slept on the soft type until late in the morning.

The bathroom is simply wonderful, I like this black&white decor. On the last day of our trip, I was very happy to go back and have a shower in the hotel. After check-out, they provided a room for free to prepare for our long haul flight. But before the leave, let’s go back to the arrival!

The big window offered a spectacular view in the direction of the center.

The sky train is right in front of the building above the main avenue. The swimming pool looks stunning from this angel, my favorite element is the cetacean mosaic in the kid’s pool.

Here is my lovely whale friend from a little bit closer. This photo shows well the greenness of the terrace. All of the deck chairs have their own palm tree and other plants, the feeling is very natural, however the place is in the middle of a huge city in the concrete jungle. Colorful pillows support the well-being of the guests. Big towels are provided by the hotel on the terrace so it is not necessary to bring a towel with you from your room.

It is priceless to spend some relaxing time in the swimming pool under the shadow of beautiful palm trees. Food and beverage service is available all day long upon your request. The pool and palm garden placed on the 8th floor are in natural symbiosis with Zeta Café. Whether breakfast or lunch you can choose between sitting outside the comfortable terrace or the air-conditioned indoor area. The breakfast was superb, there is a wide selection of sushi, cakes and fruits, and of course there is a live-kitchen which offers different dishes from the oven according to your taste.

After a long chill at the pool side, I asked the manager on duty to show me the executive room. I was interested how it looks and maybe I will choose that room for the next time. It is quite big, it has a living room whit sofa, a bedroom and a wardrobe.

After my first visit, I wrote that this was the first room in Spabook’s history where the floor carpet was absolutely clean! And yes, we are happy that the Management pays attention to this. I saw that they use special air-refresher machine in order to provide the best conditions for the guests.

Before you go to bed, do not miss to have a dinner in Maya Indian Restaurant placed on the top floor in the sky terrace. We are impressed by the unique architecture of the hotel building constructed in 2013. Some guests like to observe the cooking process but the main goal of the glass walled kitchen is to build instant trust towards the chefs and quality of their work in the award winning Maya Indian Restaurant. Through the mentioned a glass wall, I was able to watch every small moment and cooking-steps taken by the chef. It was fun and interesting in the same time. The interior gives you a special feeling with the gold-brown and warm design.

Finding a reliable place is priceless. We felt our-self at home and it was a wonderful feeling to arrive back again. Hopefully, this was not the last time and we can share our newest experiences and adventures from here in the future. Until we travel there, we wish you a happy travel and memorable stay in Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit.

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