Hévíz, in a different way

by Waterfan

Hévíz is a synonym for tranquility and recharging and at the same time, it is far from boring because it has plenty of exciting and adventurous attractions. I visited it on the last weekend of April, to experience myself, for example, the ice sauna, which is sensational!

Did you know that Lake Hévíz is the world’s largest medicinal hot water lake? And is it a perfect place for a romantic wellness weekend? Common belief is places where people go to heal is so “oldish”. The essence of wellness is to preserve health and not to heal. Hévíz is indeed a first-class healing place, good balneotherapy treatments can one get here. However, it also offers a number of services and programs which provides pleasant and unforgettable experiences for young people who want to relax.

Heviz lake bath flower bathhouse

I have been flirting with the idea for years to visit this small town which is just a few minutes from the western end of Lake Balaton, but I thought I have time and I will go there when I have rheumatism or some kind of pain.
I was honored to join to a journalist team to take part in a tour of the city and its services and programs so I got there sooner than I thought. That’s the case that was worth it! And not just because the Hévíz Lake is a world sensation – for which we don’t have to travel abroad – but because I felt like I’d say in the advanced West for example in Austria.

You can feel everywhere that there is a strategy behind the local tourism, there are ongoing developments and renovations, the region is trying to create some kind of unity to get into the tourist palette. It feels good to see this positive attitude across the city.

The reason of our small groups visit is the annual Boldog Békeidők event, which is a remembrance to the golden age of Hévíz from 1860 to 1930. Recreating the mood of that time, the musician plays, dressed in a tail coat and cylinder. Ladies wearing hats with parasol, are walking in the flowery park around the lake. The event is opened by a procession where the young and old people in the city dress up in suits. Various programs, live music, dance and costume parade are tempting the ones, who are interested, families are welcome also.

Boldog Bekeidok 2018 Heviz polgarmester Papp Gábor

My favorite history teacher (regards, Mr. Csapody), used to say despite Napolean’s height, he was a great commander because he was on the frontlines of his army in battles. I have come to relax now, so I check in to the 5-star hotel quickly, after that clothes down, bathrobe on, I head to one of the biggest salt caves in the country which is in the Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa.

I sat in a secluded corner, in order to not to disturb the others, because I wanted to take photos, and it is a little bit indecent to bring electronic devices to these places; for your own relaxation it is advised to leave electronic devices outside. But, this is the blogger-life, I have to capture the moment to show it later.

Heviz lake Lotus Therme Hotel SPA salt sobarlang

I loved the lightning of the place. Naturally, the casing is not a natural stalactite, because salt is not dripping, and it would be strange, if the visitors started to lick the hanging stones. I’m not joking, it happened. So, the wall and the floor is Himalayan salt, the ceiling is salt less, but a cozy scenery. If you are looking for something else, you will find the various daily treatments offers can be read on handwritten boards. It feels personal so I like that solution.

Heviz lake Lotus Therme Hotel Spa wellness programok Spabook review

Are you interested in the hotel in detail? Open a new window, to this article, I discuss it in detail, but now, let’s go to the lake! But first, I go to my room to change, which looked like this. Everything is relative, but I think it’s cozy, and the wooden balcony which opens to a rich green park is awesome.

Heviz lake Lotus Therme Hotel Spa room szoba

The Lake (yes, with capitals, it deserves it), is sensational. I have always been attracted to things that are unique, rare, to experience, touch them gives you something more, a plus. Just like the world-rarity Miskolc-tapolcai Barlangfürdő, to which I’m extremely proud. For starters we looked it from above, from the Airport of Sármellék. I’m not commenting on this, the picture speaks for itself.

Heviz lake bath flight panorama review

The area of Kis-Balaton can be seen, with the small villages, as well as for us, Spabookers the blueish-patches of pools.

Heviz lake fly madartavlat repulo panorama

It is less known, but Hévíz Airport is Hungary’s 2nd largest airport, if we take the length of the runway and thus the size of the planes that could land here. Exciting experience to cross the Schengen border without control.

Heviz airport Sarmellek repuloter utleiras spa review velemeny

The airport is officially boundary, but if there is no international charter flight, the border control is, of course, is not put into effect. Previously there were a regular flight from here, maybe there will be soon again. Passenger traffic currently averages 20,000 people per year, but they have plans to multiply it. There is a reason to come here, because there are so many wellness and balneotherapy treatments beside the hot water Lake that it would last for 1 year, to present them in a weekly series. For example, this is not a solarium, but light therapy. The light-bed is clinically proven to help to cure acne, burns, sports injuries (bruises, sprains, fits).

Heviz Hotel Carbona fenyterapia wellness

There is also a wide range of cosmetic treatments available. I didn’t try this, so I cannot recommend it but anyway, it looks really scientific.

Heviz Hotel Carbona treatment wellness spa kozmetika

You can try cryo-treatment, which is a relatively new invention, but it works so well, that the Real Madrid bought several machines and uses it to regenerate their players. I signed myself up, to try it, because I was really curious how is it work, and how would it affect my elbow which I broke last year. If you want to try it too, NaturMed Hotel Carbona is your place.

Heviz Hotel Carbona treatment wellness jegszauna krioterapia cryotherapy

It wasn’t like I imagined, I felt a pleasant cool for the first and a half minute, after that a little shivering but it was somehow funny and pleasant. You have to enter the cylinder in your undies and in a good warm list slipper, and the tank is filled with liquid nitrogen and cooled down to minus 150 degrees Celsius. The complete treatment is 3 minutes. That’s just enough. After leaving the machine I felt energized physically, full of energy and that felt really good for around half an hour. After that the mood remained. And the healing effect, obviously, but it is advisable to go several times for the healing effect. After 1 hour of acclimatization, you can also paddle in warmer waters so I walked over to the Lake.

Heviz lake panorama closingtime

Idyllic. Float and watch the landscape and the iconic bathhouse on the lake. Sometimes there is no need for more. The healing properties of 32-34-degree water are also particularly beneficial in the treatment of rheumatic and inflammatory locomotor disorders. The first one is not typical for younger ones, the second is possible, but which is common among youngsters is after-treatment of fracture injuries. I broke my elbow in the recent past, so it was good to dive into the water to help it, because unfortunately it didn’t heal properly.

Heviz lake water hotspring thermal

As I said, the place is also great for young people, but starting from myself, I had enough of romantic floating, so I change the scenery to a romantic dinner with my partner. Picnic basket table decoration, this is just like a handwritten blackboard. Feels good.

If someone is cool enough to ask that for tableware, then I have no doubt that the staff will fulfill this request followed with big smiles. Of course, not without a word, but with some cheerful comments, as the restaurant manager has learned to communicate in the language of the guests during his 20 years of career. It is not really possible to describe when he becomes part of our company, of course, only if we want it. He’s really brilliant, just he is everywhere he’s got to be, and always knows what to say if he’s needed. Personally, I was waiting for the next day’s meal to change some humorous words again. But I say, but literally I write, if someone is not as direct as me can feel great too, because the staff is very attentive to what kind of service the guests need. The appetizer is good, and you can think about me anything but I ordered all 4 appetizers in my plate, because I could not and do not wanted to choose. It deserves special praise from me who is the notoriously critical guest, for the water they served. Take a closer look at the picture. Finally, there is a place where there is something unique, not mass stuff. I do not want to mention names, but when I see good-quality brands on the table instead of top-quality products made by local producers of premium homemade or even smaller volume manufacturers, I give them a negative point. Here, they got a brownie point for that pink label-stuff.

Heviz lake Lotus Therme Hotel vacsora etterem gasztro

The rest of the dinner is covered by the haze of wine, but the evening lights of the pool looked like this:

Heviz Lotus Therme hotel spa pool medence

Tomorrow, in the local Bonvital Wellness & Gastro Hotel’s restaurant (Brix Bistro) I had a pea soup, which surprised me, again. I could have sworn, that the best pea soup is made is at home, peas picked by my own hands, but this cream soup served with frozen peas won a place on the podium.

Heviz Bonvital gasztrobar food etel leves

After lunch, we made a pleasant walk and visited the completely new, modern Museum of the city, the Egregyi Múzeum. It reminded me of my adventurous journey in Azerbaijan where I was shocked to find myself in such an interactive and ultramodern museum that I find it hard to believe ever since. On this one, interactivity could be improved, to attract the attention of the younger generation, but it has really good atmosphere, especially with the park in front of the building and with the wooden bridge to which you can tie wishing ribbons. I wished there, to successfully organize the bathing trip to Hévíz this fall. (Write me if you are interested!)Egregyi Muzeum Heviz Spabook

I tied the wish ribbon (you can purchase it there) up nicely to the bridge in the Museum Garden.

Heviz Egregyi Muzeum kert hid kivansagszalag

From the museum we started our way it the sunset to the wine cellars, because there are many here, the side of the hill is full of cozy wine cellars.

Heviz Egregy borut pince wine borkostolo

You can have a nice walk in the egerhegyi wine street around nightfall, where the space is expanding and our eyes get their wellness through the panorama.

Egregyi borut bor Spabook

Thank you for the opportunity of Hévíz Tourism Tour. leader and colleagues. I always wanted to see the real course of things from within, to see behind the scenes what’s happening in the background so that the show is good at the end the visitors have a pleasant experience. It feels good, but I do not deny that it was very surprising for me to see the team so dedicated, enthusiastic and the love of the profession! I’m so happy to have been a part of it for a few days.

Boldog Bekeidok 2018 Heviz program

See you soon, and I hope I see you too, because I decided to organize a bathing tour here.

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