3D bathing – Takaragawa Hiroshi Onsen

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3D bathing! Click on the picture and enjoy the hot spring water of Takaragawa! Come on, it works on mobile, too!


The name of Takaragawa Onsen is originated from first-class river separated from the inn. Takaragawa means ‘river acquiring treasure’ and it’s being mined since the beginning of the showa age. It is assumed that it has been mined even before Edo age.


The world class large capacity open spa is located on Osenkaku and upstream of Tonaegawa. It follows the stream of Takaraga into the beautiful lodging inside the great nature. It is a hidden hot spa in Gunma, but traffic of people is endless due to television and magazine advertisements.

Maka bath is the most famous hot open spa in Takaraga with capacity of 120 tatami and its being largely used in TV programs, magazines and posters. Established in 1940, it is referred to as ‘Yokozuna’ open spa of Eastern Japan becoming the example of hot open spa in other Japanese regions. It became a even better open spa after its renovation in 2004. Maka displays 4 seasons in diversified views and red leaves in autumn surprises those that visit. Maka spa stood against disaster twice keeping the Takaraga spa sign as it is.


Takaragawa is the generation of folk story. When Yamato Takerunomikoto was on his Gunmarney to conquer the nation in the east, he visited this region and went up to Hotakayama where he got sick. During his suffering, he sighted a hawk in the lower part of the land where he walked to. He spotted a hot spa and placed his body in it. It is said that his sickness was completely treated and he was able to continue the Gunmarney. For this reason, Takaragawa Onsen was referred to as [Bath of white hawk] in the old days.

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