Emirates Elevates Coffee Culture to New Heights: A Journey Above the Clouds

by Kassay Tamás

The Middle East has a coffee consumption culture that dates back over 500 years, with the world’s first coffeehouses emerging here. Dubai-based airline Emirates is carrying on this legacy and, on International Coffee Day, has released a statement on how it is possible to nurture and turn coffee culture into an experience even at 11,000 meters above the clouds.

Emirates flight attendants also participate in barista training

Emirates serves more than 17 tons of coffee annually in its lounges and on flights to 140 destinations worldwide. Flight attendants undergo special barista training, where they first learn about the origins of coffee, various blends, and different brewing methods. During the practical part, they master how to perfectly prepare and serve various types of coffee, including Emirates’ distinctive Arabian coffee.

Emirates kávé 17 tonna évente

Emirates serves 17 tons of coffee annually To brew coffee professionally, excellent quality water is essential, which is guaranteed by the airline’s onboard water tanks. Emirates ensures that the drinking water on its aircraft is always impeccable through regular checks, disinfection, and maintenance.

Coffee Experience on Emirates Flights

Passengers traveling in economy and premium economy classes have the opportunity to taste premium-quality coffee once or twice, depending on the length of their flight. First and Business class customers can also order from the coffee menu, which includes options such as decaffeinated coffee, cappuccino, iced Americano, espresso, macchiato, or Arabic coffee with cardamom and saffron. True connoisseurs can even try a silky coffee dessert, the affogato al caffè, made from creamy ice cream and espresso.

Emirates kávé fedélzet

Emirates coffee onboard The coffee served in First and Business class is made from products of the Lavazza brand, established in 1895, and contains notes of walnut and maple syrup or cocoa and black pepper. Another significant coffee supplier for Emirates is the United Arab Emirates-based company Coffee Planet, which sources coffee beans from more than 23 countries. Over the past decade, the airline has put together numerous coffee specialties for its passengers on special occasions such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, in the form of drinks like the rose mocha or orange crush latte.

Café ambiance in the waiting areas at Dubai Airport

In the First Class lounge of Concourse B at Dubai International Airport, the airline welcomes its passengers with a separate coffee counter, where they can choose from three types of coffee grinds. Each coffee has different aromas, acidity, and character traits, and Emirates’ trained baristas help passengers select the one that best suits their preferences. The menu changes every two months, allowing frequent travelers to taste various coffees from around the world, such as the juicy and silky Colombian Huila Buenavista, with its notes of sweet cocoa bean, floral, apricot, grape, blackberry, and grapefruit, or the velvety Burundi Nyagishiru coffee with slightly fruity and caramel notes. In the First and Business Class lounges, there is also a Costa Coffee, which is part of Emirates’ retail offering.

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