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Vanessa Hudson, Qantas’ new CEO, apologizes

by Kassay Tamás

Qantas Airways’ reputation has suffered considerably since the pandemic, but in recent months, it has taken a nosedive in Australia. The situation became so contentious that Alan Joyce, the former CEO of Qantas Group, abruptly resigned (two months ahead of the planned deadline), and the airline received a record fine from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The leadership of Qantas Airways recognized the need for drastic measures, and as a second step, the company’s CEO has released an apologetic video. This was reported by Onemileatatime.

The first step was a statement in which apologies were also extended to passengers. However, the personal commitment and apologetic video message from the company’s top executive are nearly unprecedented in the history of giant corporations.

Vanessa Hudson, the new CEO of Qantas, has issued an apology.

Considering the current Australian sentiment towards Qantas, Hudson has posted an apologetic video.

In the 95-second video:

  • Hudson acknowledges that the airline has let customers down in many respects, not performing as it should and proving difficult to do business with.
  • Hudson states that she understands why people are frustrated and have lost trust in the airline.
  • Hudson asserts that Qantas is determined to address its issues and aims to become the national carrier that Australians can be proud of, providing more than ever before.
  • Hudson recognizes that regaining people’s trust depends not only on what is said but on the actions and behavior of the airline; this will take time, and the company requests patience from its customers.
  • Qantas is assigning more staff to call centers, providing more benefits for frequent flyers, and reviewing its entire customer policy to ensure fairness.
  • This stance is truly exemplary compared to the silence and suppression of complaints by’s management.

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