Flaming Passion – Fairmont ESPA Baku

by Waterfan

Flame Towers are giving home for Fairmont Hotel and ESPA wellness center in Baku. The triple-towers are the iconic buildings which will do the same for the capital of Azerbaijan like the Opera House did for Sydney or like the Marina Bay Sands did for Singapore.

The triplet skyscrapers are the embodiment of a genius idea and a future-looking vision. Flame Towers symbolize the current power of the country in technology, improvement, and for sure the oil-based economy. The world’s first oil well was drilled in Baku in 1847 and by the 1860s the Baku fields accounted for 90% of the world’s oil supply. But what can we do there?

Azerbaijan offers great hiking for the active travelers and good food for people who would stay in the city instead of climbing up to a waterfall in the Caucasus. It is also not well known but Azerbaijan has its own tea, produced in the Southern areas of the county which are worth visiting. International tourism is quite in its childhood phase now but we think, this is the perfect time to explore that country. The quality is not a question since Fairmont and ESPA opened their property in the 190 meter tall stunningly designed Flame Towers. Check the best offers here after selecting a date!
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The hotel can be reached by the modern, full-glass Funicular which brings up the visitors to the local hill. We sat down in the lobby after we entered the hotel in the evening. Have a look at the smooth lights around, for example the lightning of the stairway, the candles, the LED decorations.

Looking up is also a good idea, because there is an individual chandelier. It is the perfect representation of luxury waiting for the guests after check-in. We would like to note hereby that the staff is really welcoming and professional!

The spa area is served under licence of ESPA London. One of our favorite view was from the massage pool located on the second level. We like the different color of the water painted by nice mosaics.

Wide variety of toiletries are at the guests’ disposal. The overall standard of quality is right what we expected, just an example for that: the doors of the lockers are covered by leather and there are slippers, towels, and also floor towels prepared inside the box. The floor towels are worth mentioning because it is not usual to provide them in a bath. This kind of extra comfort is an evidence of real hospitality.

Refreshment drinks are provided as well, but instead of drinking mineral water we suggest you to try the local lemonade specialty made from cucumber. It feels very healthy and tastes surprisingly good!

Showers, mosaics, ice-machine, steam bath, and a sauna with full glass wall are the main facilities in the spa area. The lightning is good for our senses, especially in the steam room which was the best we have ever visited. The temperature, the humidity, the lights, the noises, the interior were simply perfect, we would like to have that room at home.

We liked the design of the massage bank because it makes possible to hold on to it during the water is pumping up your body. There is a nice view to the towers through the glass wall in front of us. The spa area is on the 5th floor from the 27 stories.

Those doors open to a rooftop terrace with a huge outside pool and lookout point to the city. As we mentioned above, we like those colors!

The hydropool is close to the medical quality, we felt it very efficient and long lasting in our body. Everything can be started with pushing a button.

And we pushed that button for sure. It is not common but we suggest you to go to the spa for an evening relax because they are always empty in every hotel. This was also almost a private session for us and we could enjoy every attraction as long as we wanted.

The relax banks are very comfortable, their temperature can be controlled personally. When we had our relax there we just had an extravagant idea: It would be great if the relax banks could be turned around, because the view is stunning after sunset. The Flame Towers were built to a hill so we had a view from the 5th floor as if we were on the 35th in other buildings. At the left hand side you can see the Four Seasons Hotel, the Giant Wheel, and the golden-lighted stairway to Dagüstü park which is the best spot to look around the city and take some pictures from the panorama.

There is no dipping pool to cool down ourselves after the sauna but the huge ice making machine produces more than enough ice for to that in an other way.

The changing room is similar to a high-class Hollywood-styled makeup room. The shampoo, soap and body lotion provided are stylish with good flavors and nice texture.

Sign of something more: artwork in the toilet. The used materials are extraordinary everywhere we look or touch. Glass, wood, stone, special mosaic.

The floor is really exceptional, it is a reminiscence of ancient Roman bath. It seems to be a little thing but the rubbish bin is positioned exactly to the place where it is the most comfortable to use but stays in shadow and the guests can not see its contents.

Our favorite element of hospitality was the solution for drying hands. There are small cotton towels for every single guest for a single use.

The decoration is like a waterfall or stormy rain on the 19th floor around a meeting desk. We can say that the interior design is excellent.

We were lucky to experience the services of ESPA in Fairmont but not lucky enough to hear the voice of this modern piano. If you can play, ask the staff to let you play a bit!

There is a full Moon behind the flaming tower. The electronically controlled light system is responsible for painting the skyline with flames, Azeri colors and sometimes with the Azeri flag itself.

The Flame Towers are visible from almost every point of the city. The so called “Smalll Venice” is quite nice, with canal, boat, bridges, bars, and plenty of green trees and bushes.

The ancient old town lives in good symbiosis with the modern architecture. This post has not enough place to introduce all of the interesting and world-class buildings which can be found in Baku, but we have to mention the Textil Museum, the Crystal Hall, and finally but not latest the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center which was created by legendary architect Zaha Hadid.

There are long and good quality roads around lined with beautiful (palm) trees along. The Baku Boulevard is almost as long as the city, and gives place for walking, enjoying the sun and looking at the horizon. There is a funny but lovely thing in the heart of the city which reminds us to Barcelona: there are parrots living freely on the trees. There are very good bars inside otherwise average houses, so be brave and explore the city. If you would like to see more, ask for a taxi or transfer to Gobustan, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of rock paintings and mud volcanos.

Baku is waiting for you all year but we would go back in May as the weather is not too warm but dry and the sun is mostly shining. We collected unforgettable memories during our stay!

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