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Templation Hotel is wonderful, green luxury oasis in form of private villas with a landscaped pool, right at the entrance to Angkor.

Southeast Asia is the most popular travel destination nowadays. It is not a coincidence, just close your eyes and imagine Thailand and the bordering country: Cambodia. Strong religion, stunning temples, interesting culture, nice people and ancient ruins.
Angkor, which is not only archaeological site but the largest religious monument in the world is in northwestern Cambodia, next to the well improved city of Siem Reap. It was the capital of the Khmer empire between the 9th and 15th century, a period which is considered the classical era of Cambodian history. It’s most imposing monuments are Angkor Wat, a -today UNESCO world heritage- temple complex built in the 12th century by King Suryavarman II.
If you ever visit this must see region, spend some time also in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.
Templation Hotel review entrance

First of all we are impressed by the work of architects Ivan Tizianel and Lisa Ros! Templation’s design revolved around recreating an echo of the waterways and reservoirs that once fed the ancient city of Angkor. The rooms, suites, pools and features were explicitly designed to harmonize with the landscape and the preserved native trees and plants. The structure is amazing, it looks like there would not be a building just the green nature.

Templation Hotel review welcome drink

We were welcomed by the staff with the tastiest welcome drink in our life. We asked for the ingredients!

Templation Hotel review bedroom suite

The quality of the mattresses, pillows and all the used materials are representing good quality. We slept very good in maximal comfort. The air conditioning could be strong but it can be also turned off. We did not used at all, the room had a pleasant temperature without that, too.

Templation Hotel review bedroom pool view

The bedroom opens onto our own private terrace with a view of the biggest landscaped pool in the town. Studios are furnished with a choice of king or twin beds and feature a bathroom open to the sky with both shower and bath.

Would you like to know what does it cost for a night? Check it here!

Templation Hotel review luxury openroof bathroom spa

The open-roof bathroom was definitely our favorite here! It is well minimal-designed and ideal to relax in the huge bathtub looking at the stars.

Templation Hotel review open bathroom spa

Here is a picture that shows you that we got something really special here: soap handmade by local people with fine design and flavor.

Templation Hotel review handmade soap spa

We like and highly appreciate the nice details and natural materials.

Templation Hotel review soap shampoo spa

Decorated in a contemporary chic, all of the studios have a private terrace with a view over the main pool. Each has a uniquely designed interior with an emphasis on privacy. There are also villas with own living room and all of them are available with a private pool! Stunning.

Templation Hotel review spa private pool villa

The pool is very big, ideal for swimming or also playing if you travel with family.

Templation Hotel review spa pool

Templation Hotel review spa openspace poolTemplation Hotel review spa swimming poolThe central restaurant and bar brings enough place for the guests in peak season as well! The shadowing works good, the sun did not burn us during lunch time.

Templation Hotel review spa breakfast lunch food

And the breakfast is simply heavenly and good start for a whole day tour in Angkor! This is for one person.

Templation Hotel review spa breakfast lunch food rice
Fresh as it has to be.

Templation Hotel review spa breakfast lunch tea

Fine details again: the salt shaker set harmonize with the soap&shampoo set in the bathroom. The flower is fresh in the glass.

Templation Hotel review spa breakfast lunch flower

After a long bike tour we arrived home to this view and we tried the fresh lime juice right away.

Templation Hotel review spa night pool candle

Templation Hotel review spa night view pool

Should you need something for work (but don’t do it in Angkor, relax please) than all office facilities are available upon request, also translation service, and best of the best: mobile phone SIMs and pre-paid cards.
Templation Hotel is a truly unique and “different from the usual” place with soul inside.
We spent a special and memorable time here. We definitely want to go back if we will visit that region again.

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