Panorama Aqualux Ujvidek luxus wellness Novi Sad

Jacuzzi Luxury at the Danube – Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad

by Waterfan

When luxury is unpretentious not grandiose it feels different. Feels purer especially when it is close to nature, directly on the Danube’s bank. I was looking for this, found it, although it is impossible to write down the atmosphere, I will try my best.

Novi Sad is located in Serbia and with its suburbs a city with 340 000 residents. The second biggest city in Serbia after the capital Belgrade. With its cozy downtown and the sport facilities by the riverbank it is a pleasant weekend destination. For a good weekend you need a good accommodation, so I searched for something really special. The Panorama Aqualux is located approx. 5 minutes (via car) from the downtown, which is a big advantage. The environment is green, calm, perfect for relaxation and sports. The dam behind the hotel is almost like calling to hop in a bikes saddle and ride, but there is also a tennis court, football pitch, canoeing and rowing opportunities nearby. However, first we need to arrive, which happens in a monitored parking lot. Entering the gate, you greeted with a motion sensor lamp.

Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek restaurant bar

Checking in is easy and quick, the staff was friendly, they answered to all my questions. This was not highlighted in my earlier writings, but I like to talk like someone captious and „dumb touristy” for a while, because it shows really well, how prepared the employees of the place are. They took my challenge here with a nice smile and honest restaurant suggestions. I liked the fact that, although they have their own kitchen, they didn’t persuade me to eat here, but suggested other places. This resulted in that, as a sign of my respect I ordered food from their own kitchen, a mixed grill.

Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek dinner vacsora

The candlelight dinner, grilled dish was lavishly abundant with various small sausages, schnitzel, fried meat, pork chop to which I added mustard, but of course ketchup or mayonnaise can be also asked for.

I was just a little less satisfied with the little cut chicken breast. After the filling and tasty food, I was excited to go up to my room and take some pictures for you guys, pick up the funnily folded bathrobe and explore the Jacuzzi in the garden, sit in the sauna with panorama and in the end sit in the private Jacuzzi in my room.

Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek deluxe room

When you enter you step into this wonderful, soft, deep-steep carpet, I like these kind of things, especially because I think it is effectively filters noise. This is usually the case, the delicate point in most places is the door. By the way, the door opens with card which is really cool in such a homely place. I quickly tested the problem solving ability of the staff, because I was so smart that I carried my credit card to dinner instead of my room card. Of course, the receptionist lady let me back into my room without any question, so that I can look at my private Jacuzzi floating in alternating colors. On the picture it is red, but it can be purple, blue, green, yellow and also white.

Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek Jacuzzi terraceIt looks like this when the lighting is fabulous pale green, which is of course controlled by automation. The fact that we do not see out through the window of the room terrace is normal, since it is winter outside and inside it is pleasantly warm due the heat from the massage pool. So the window is humid and that’s good for us now. During the day, when the sun is shining, the mist disappears, there will be another picture of what I am looking at while the water massaged my back. But now let’s go back to the room, time to show it.
Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek deluxe room double bed
Looking back from the terrace, elegant, cute-brownish mood invites you to bed. Left of the bedside table is another wide table near the window, where program guides are available, under it is a minibar. There is a small sitting area facing the table, which I do not use as intended. These basically superfluous seats are a great service for extra stocking space. No, it is not messiness, it is perfectly practical.
Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek Jacuzzi room slippers
My hawk-eyed readers have already spotted that not the two armchairs and table are the essence of this photo, but the slippers underneath. 5-star slippers, one of my favorites, what I’ve ever tried. Nice thick, massive sole design, soft, strong upper part, appealing, room-like design. Slippers for me is a cardinal point of a place, so if you are someone who works in a hotel and you are responsible for this, to pay attention to the slippers, before I come to visit the place. It’s like a toothpaste and a toothbrush in a hotel. Not many people take it home, because it is not a good quality item, but if someone forgets these things at home, it will do a good impression if they find something in front of the mirror.
Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek bathroomThere was no toothbrush or toothpaste, but soap, shower gel, shampoo and lotion was. The soap’s fragrance was really good, sadly I can’t make it downloadable, if I could I would put a link for you here, to smell it. The hairdryer makes good service before going to bed, because you probably just get out of the pool. That’s why we are looking for a bathtub in vain, we have a shower. Anyone who wants to relax will do it in Jacuzzis anyway. Here you just have a shower and you wander to wonderland amongst these pillows:
Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek deluxe room pillows
I’m not writing anything about this, the close-up picture speaks for itself. I’d rather put a link here for you to see how much is a room for a date of your desire.
I really recommend that no one should rest, before spending some time in the glass-walled sauna built in the garden.
Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek sauna
It touches the soul of man so much; you start to feel connected if you haven’t started to feel the connection already. Great mood additive, that in the sauna you can listen to local, Serbian pop music. It is really a sort of a music selection that simply grabs you and doesn’t let you go, emotionally empowers you. I do not really wanted to come out from this panoramic purple-blue led-lighted womb-ersatz. Being outdoors, its temperature is less than 90 degrees, but frankly it gives so much more that this is not an issue. And if you had a good night’s sleep here or in your room, head to the buffet breakfast!
Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek breakfast lemonadea
There is a homemade mixed lemonade that I am at my wit’s end. Oh, it comes to my mind, that I have to write to them to send me the recipe. I did not touch the 100% orange juice; it would have been so tacky compared to this heavenly drink.
Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek breakfast
Breakfast is tasteful, but it is not ostentatious, the selection is wide enough, but not too much, the cookies are brilliant. It’s appealing to me, that local brands were included on the menu, for example, yoghurts.
Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek garden Danube
After breakfast I went to the garden, to see it the wonderful sunshine and what in the dark at night I probably didn’t see from the sauna. The garden was well cared for, and there were many smaller plants around the outdoor tables. Although they are not blossoming now in the winter frost, they make the atmosphere more intimate in summer. At the end of the garden, on the side of the Danube, a swimming pool awaits those who want to enjoy it. I have to note that the beautiful mosaic interior is very elegant. There is an outdoor Jacuzzi next to the pool, which is free for all guests. This is important because only the more expensive rooms have their own Jacuzzi, and the rest of the rooms guests can relax here. It works in winter, too, and I came out here at night. It is magical, when one is resting in warm water under the stellated night sky.
Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek Danube Duna
From the edge of the pool you can almost step into the Danube. It is a pity that we can never do that because the river is drifting and it is usually not warm. If someone goes into the Danube from there, send the video of it to me I’ll put it on the blog.

I went back to for 2 more sits in the sauna.
Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek sauna
Before I started exploring the area, I sat on the terrace in my own Jacuzzi for a while. If I already have it, I enjoy it, I thought and planned my daily program on my phone.
Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek Jacuzzi
As I mentioned above, during daytime when the sun shines on the surface of the windows, it makes the steam disappear, and the panorama of the area is revealed. Panorama, from which the hotel got its name.
Panorama Aqualux Novi Sad Ujvidek Danube Duna view
It was a good decision to come here for a weekend, because it is for a few hours by car (from Budapest) so it is kind of nearby. I have found many Hungarian relics, yet the food, the mood and the letters are different. So it gives you all the stimulation you need to get a little bit out of everyday life and experience the world.

If you want to travel here, please email me and book directly. You can see available rooms or prices with the search engine below.

If you like this article, share it, so I’ll be able to show You more interesting things in the future. I am happy to give you good tips, enrich you with experiences.


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