Toszkána Szlovénia Jeruzalem Sibon wine & spa resort

Spectacular Slovenian wine tour: Welcome to Sibon Wine & Spa, Jeruzalem

by Kassay Tamás

Tuscany is beloved by all, with its flavors, wines, and rolling landscapes acting as a magnetic pull on people’s hearts and fortunate tourists. Few know that Slovenia boasts a strikingly similar region. Stunning vineyards, exquisite wines, outstanding gastronomy, and top-notch hospitality await visitors at the Sibon Wine & Spa Resort in Slovenia.

Sibon Wine & Spa: A Sensory Paradise in Jeruzalem, Slovenia’s Tuscany

Slovenia may be a small country, but it hides numerous gems within its borders. One such hidden treasure is the beautiful village of Jeruzalem, home to the Sibon Wine & Spa Resort. Don’t confuse Slovenia’s Jeruzalem with the Middle Eastern city of Jerusalem; the two are geographically and culturally worlds apart. The Slovenian Jeruzalem is the splendid center of the Ljutomer-Ormoz wine region, which locals say got its name from the Crusader knights en route to the Holy Land. When they saw the beautiful landscape, they thought:

“we have arrived in earthly paradise.”

As I stepped out of the rear gate of the resort’s lobby and caught sight of the view over the infinity pool, it felt as if I had stumbled into a Tuscan fairy tale.

The resort is surrounded by vine-covered hillsides, meticulously manicured courtyards as far as the eye can see. As I gazed upon the lush greenery, my heart skipped a beat, much like when one first feels the enchantment of love and knows they’ve found something that will remain theirs forever.

The Sibon Wine & Spa Resort in Jeruzalem is precisely this kind of place. Here, you feel like you’re in the right place, like you’ve made the right choice.

The friendly, attentive, and down-to-earth staff make you feel as if you’re a guest in a place where the hosts go above and beyond to ensure your comfort.

In addition to local wines, the resort’s name also includes “spa.” As a spa blogger, my second priority was to immerse myself in the wellness section after soaking in the view. Let’s be clear about wellness services; don’t expect a massive water park at a small, family-oriented place. However, the two outdoor hot tubs, two indoor wooden tubs, a Finnish sauna, a milder 65-degree sauna, and the infra cabin provide perfect relaxation. The outdoor panoramic tepidarium, a clear favorite among guests, enhances the overall experience. Those who want to swim or exercise can do so in the pleasantly heated outdoor pool.

The rooms are tastefully decorated, using natural materials. The bed is comfortable, and for me, the smaller pillow was just right for a peaceful night’s sleep. Just one tip: close the bathroom door at night, or the morning sun will shine right in!

Wi-Fi access is excellent, and with QR codes placed on the sun umbrellas, you can easily order coffee or other drinks for just 2 euros.

For those who enjoy cycling and navigating the winding roads in the hilly surroundings, there’s good news. You can rent a bike for 35 euros per day. Okay, it’s not the cheapest category, but comfortable electric bikes are an excellent choice for exploring the rural environment.

Breakfast is ample and of high quality, while dinner is a true gastronomic delight. Although dinner is not included in the room rate, at 45 euros per person, it’s genuinely worth it.

When you compare the prices, it’s easy to see that The Sibon Wine & Spa Resort offers an exceptional experience for its price.

Plan a trip to explore the surroundings, especially since this destination is fantastic year-round, offering plenty to see and do, including outstanding gastronomy, not just in the summer but also in autumn, winter, and spring.

Just 2 kilometers from Jeruzalem lies the charming village of Svetinje, where the excellent Taverna Kupljen captivates with its beautiful terrace, offering wine tasting in addition to lunch.

I highly recommend not missing the culinary delights of the Michelin-starred chef in Ptuj, located on the main square.

Equally brilliant, or perhaps even better, is the Michelin-starred restaurant Hisa Denk, which has become a personal favorite. I have yet to eat anywhere as exceptionally good as there. Hisa Denk is roughly a 50-minute drive from Jeruzalem.

Maribor is also a great nearby destination, where I recommend visiting the world’s oldest still-producing vine, located on the banks of the Drava River, which splits the city in two. All of these places are close to each other, making it an ideal opportunity for exploration and relaxation over a long weekend.

If you’re looking for a place where your heart will be filled with emotions, then you’ve found it: the Sibon Wine & Spa Resort and its surroundings are a place that will draw you back year after year, driven by an inexplicable force.

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