Top 3 Hotels in the world

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A Hungarian Hotel achieved the first place based on the reviews given by independent travelers. The silver medal goes to Indonesia and the bronze medal goes to Italy. 


The list of the best hotels around the world was published by TripAdvisor based on the rating of their readers.


No.1: Aria Hotel Budapest member of the Library Collection

The Aria Hotel Budapest was opened only one and a half year ago. The Hungarian hotel got 721 reviews. 568 from them were the best classification. Most of the guests mentioned the spectacular 360 degree rooftop terrace view as the most memorable and best point in the hotel but they were highly satisfied with the provided services as well.

The interior design represents musicality with fresh lines and unique solutions. The bathroom at the top floor has a wonderful atmosphere. The guests can enjoy the cityscape from the bathtub.

Aria and musicality is the main theme of the wellness area as well. The relax banks offer some privacy with the curtains.


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No.2: Mandapa, Ritz-Carlton Reserve (Ubud, Indonesia)

No.3: Turin Palace Hotel


The list of the top25 hotels  can be found here, we wish you a pleasant time while browsing the full list!




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