BudapestSpas App Revolutionizes Thermal Bath Experience in Hungary

by Kassay Tamás

The BudapestSpas application, the official mobile app of Budapest’s thermal baths, was launched in full operation in December. The application works on both Android and iOS systems. The BudapestSpas app introduces the four most highly rated historical baths in Budapest, helping guests find the baths and, even better, navigate within them.

Features of the BudapestSpas App

The Budapest Spas mobile app can be used as a kind of compass, helping to navigate within the baths. It shows:

  • The types of pools available,
  • Where they are located,
  • The direction to the massage rooms,
  • The locations of saunas,
  • As well as the buffet and other service units.

Of course, the BudapestSpas app is much more than just a mini navigation application! The app contains information about the services available in the baths, and the history of the baths can also be explored. In the future, it will be enriched with additional features and information to make the guest experience even more complete.

Downloading the BudapestSpas App

The Budapest Spas application has been available in Hungarian and English since mid-December. After the initial trial period, it is becoming increasingly popular among bath guests during the holiday season, as they enjoy the revived atmosphere.

Download the Budapest Spas app here:

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