Glass bottom pool – Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island

by Waterfan

A glass-walled, glass bottom pool on the 29th floor of a tower building in the city of skyscraper jungle! Have a look up and down as well! Simply amazing.

Hong Kong is the place where nothing is impossible. Nothing. Imagine a city where more than half of the houses are taller than 30 floors and the creative architecture can grow up and reach the stars.

Long before neon glow lit the district, Wan Chai — “a cove” in Cantonese — was a small fishing village. In the ’40s, sailors came to port in droves, looking for love in the waving “Suzie Wongs” along the boulevards and bringing with them a rousing nightlife. It was the start of today: over time, century-old brick buildings began to juxtapose colonial and Asian architecture. Nowadays, blue balconies jut from 19th century apartments, famously painted after a government paint surplus in the ’70s. All around, amid a vibrant blur of taxicabs, bicycles and vendors, an own rhythm beats at the heart of this urban cultural centre. We jumped on a double decker tram along the busy Johnston Road for an enjoyable ride to view what is going around. After we arrived back to the starting point, we looked up.
This city is very exciting, especially if we do not forget to look up. There is always something to see, for example a swimming pool. A pool in the sky.

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Hotel Indigo is a four star boutique hotel with a unique glass-walled pool which is built in the air to give a special feeling for the lucky guests. A shimmering bronze dragon created from solar fins dramatically wraps the exterior of the building, rooting us in the culture and traditions of the neighborhoods.

The wonderful details of the building are so inviting that we just felt that we want to go inside and swim a little bit, as soon as possible. We did not checked the lobby, just jumped in the elevator and arrived to this floor in direction of the sky terrace.

This view waited for us after we stepped out the door. The beautiful soft blue colored water ends in the endless glass-wall. The surrounding buildings make us feel that a 29 floor house is not taller than a garden in the countryside. And finally but not last, the legendary hill of Hong Kong, called The Peak is right in front of us. Could we ask for more?

The last area of the pool has a glass bottom. Not everybody is brave enough to step on it!

However, the security is very strong and it can be seen clearly that the engineers did a great job. Science makes our life and our swimming pools better.

Swimming above the street and seeing the traffic more than 100 meters below us, is absolutely surrealistic! It’s a shame that we did not prepared with snorkel mask and pipe to enjoy this view longer.

The Sky Terrace seems to be on the ground floor because Hong Kong is the tallest city in the world compared to the average height of buildings and the neighborhood towers are taller. We liked the color and design of the garden furniture. They offer a comfortable place to chill or to plan the program for the upcoming days as we did.

After a swim it is always good to let our body relax, so we laid in the Jacuzzi before sunbathing. If you want, you can order something to drink from the Sky Bar as well.

The beds have very nice design, and the shadowing is effective at midday. The terrace was not windy, but sometimes it can be blowy depending on the weather conditions.

We gave a very big strong point for the management because the mineral water served at the pool is in a special bottle. It is a good feeling for the guests to drink something what can’t be bought in the shop at the next corner.

The Skybar offers some very good food and an other open air terrace as well. There is a kind solution at the entrance door to help the guests building new contacts. There is a table to leave a business card and contact with others.


Floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of Wan Chai district, while thoughtful details, like small blue statues of the local Kung Fu master, give the perfect harmony.

The lobby’s electric blue staircase’s design was inspired by the Blue House Cluster and Wan Chai’s vibrant nightlife.

The design and the workstation are in good harmony. Those apple computers show the general quality of the hotel to everyone.

As a big part of visitors are not in this hotel to relax but work instead. There is a possibility to use a video-conference room as well. The used materials are quite good, and there is enough place for up to 8 people. We had a little time before leaving the hotel and went back to the pool.

We wanted to see this again:

The dramatic, cantilevered glass-bottomed infinity pool and Skybar are perfect spots to take in the breathtaking views.  We are happy to experience the quality of a Hotel Indigo Boutique Hotel.

The location is absolutely excellent, almost in the middle of the city. We are sure that choosing this hotel during your stay in Hong Kong will be a never forget experience.


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