Panorama through the eyes of the Dragons – InterContinental Hong Kong

by Waterfan

If there is astonishing location on this planet, that would be the position of InterContinental Hong Kong on Victoria Harbour in Kowloon. The view is fabulous and it gives you the exact essence of Hong Kong. It is simply perfect.

Hong Kong is a piece of the high-end world with its breathtaking architecture, traffic system and economical strength. Being on Hong Kong island means being in one of the best places on the world. But you are even luckier if you get to see and experience Hong Kong from the best spot in Kowloon, specifically from the InterContinental Hotel.

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The hotel was built on pile-ons at a strategic point on the edge of Victoria Harbour in Kowloon.. Chinese legend states that the nine dragons of Kowloon come from the mountains each day to take their morning bath and drink from the water of Victoria Harbour. (Kowloon actually means nine dragons in Chinese.) The site selected for the building would have blocked the pathway of the dragons, thus creating a negative flow of “Chi” (energy). Therefore it was a top priority during the planning phase to take the following precautions which have assured the property good feng shui and prosperity since its opening in 1980.

First of all, the fountain at the entrance symbolizes a pearl which is the symbol of wealth and entices the nine dragons to the hotel’s entrance. Then, they are lured through the hotel’s entrance via a wall of glass doors, which allows the dragons to enter with ease. (Dragons, of course, can go through the glass!) After that, they majestically go through the Lobby to the expansive plate glass windows to take their bath in the harbour. InterContinental Hong Kong was one of the first hotels with an island reception area which allows the dragons to drop off some of their wealth before they proceed through the Lobby’s expansive windows. This suspicious pathway for the “nine dragons” has ensured the hotel’s chances to continue to have a good “feng shui”.

The view is picturesque from the CEO Suite above. This is exactly the same view the dragons can see in the morning. The decoration is warm and invites us to stay. We loved the fresh flowers placed in perfect spots in the rooms. The private office of the Presidential Suite is the home of the Statues of the Nine Dragons. Working in this room means success and real honour.

The living room is quite spacious with its own gallery deck and the transparent handrail (in harmony of the Dragons’ needs of course).

You can enjoy the bright side of life in this expansive suite, especially if you are lucky enough to relax on the couch in front of the glass windows with the stunning view of Hong Kong Island. The Presidential Suite and the provided service were so amazing that a family called this suite home for 2 years(!).

In the photo above there is the spectacular living room of the Presidential Suite which has its own private infinity pool outside what you can see on the cover picture of this article. The Terrace Suite, which is popular with Bridal & Honeymoon couples, has its own private Jacuzzi, as well. It would not be easy to decide which suite to book if we were presidents or on our honeymoon.

Whirlpool massage is available in the bathrooms, too. Having a shower right in the window facing the island or sitting in the bathtub will hold unforgettable moments for the guests.

The Master bathroom has an interesting interior design with the centrally placed wash basins surrounded by a lot of mirrors. Both men and women have their own corners to prepare for the day or the evening programs. The provided toiletries are best of the best.

The InterContinental Hong Kong offers many accommodations options in addition to the world-class suites! Their spa which is called I-Spa is one of the most wonderful area of the hotel. We enjoyed absolute privacy in the luxuriously spacious private spa suites, each with its own sauna, steam shower, Jacuzzi and massage facilities.

The temperature, the lights and the relaxing sounds have a perfect balance in the spa suites. The materials represent the highest quality. The fresh orchid flowers made us happy and relaxed simply just by their look.

The treatments can be chosen and booked from the I-Spa Menu like the courses in a good restaurant. (There is a change in the top-class restaurant of the hotel this year.) SPOON by Alain Ducasse closed January 1, 2017 to make way for a new restaurant identity: Rech by Alain Ducasse. One of the most famous seafood restaurants in Paris, Rech will make its international debut in mid-February 2017.

We took part in more hiking tours before our visit so we were quite tired. It was almost a reborn to experience and enjoy the I-Spa Chi Balancing Massage. Our energy level and the strength of our muscles got definitely renewed after the treatment.

The very kind and also professional staff cared about us from the first moment we entered I-Spa during the treatment session until we left. They served several types of tea before and after the massage. The ginger tea was our personal favorite but the jasmine tea tastes also exceptional!
It is also possible to book a full day I-Spa programme which includes selected spa treatments and a 3-course “ihealth” lunch served at the Pool Terrace. These kinds of packages also include the usage of the Fitness Centre and the outdoor swimming pool which are usually open exclusively for hotel guests in-residence.

There is also a swimming pool but we spent more time in this glass-walled infinity pool to enjoy the scenic view from there.

This infinity spa pool has 3 sections with different temperatures (cold, medium warm and very warm) separated by mosaic and glass walls inside the water. It was unbelievable that the glass walls were crystal clear everywhere. We tried to find a small boiler scale or anything but there was nothing. We honestly say that this is truly a great job from the staff to keep this level of cleanliness!

Finally we arrived at the garden shower which works a little bit surprisingly. As we stepped close to the shower, we crossed the radius of the sensors and the water started to fall automatically. The sensors are hidden in the dark granite columns.

There is a nice terrace inspired by Feng Shui principles around the swimming and infinity pools. It was the perfect place to have a tea at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, before we said goodbye to the best view in this city.

 As we expressed our thanks to the staff and left the hotel we got a strong feeling inside. A feeling that told us:

one day you shall return“! 

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