Zalakaros Healing Water Inspires New Line of Award-Winning Cosmetics

by Kassay Tamás

When we think of Zalakaros, Hungary, we often associate it with its renowned spa and the charming floral town. However, now it’s not just the baths and the picturesque city that come to mind; it’s also cosmetic products derived from Zalakaros healing water. Recently, a line of cosmetic products made from the healing water of Zalakaros made its debut, and they have already earned the prestigious “Érték és Minőség Nagydíj” (Value and Quality Grand Prize) in recognition of their excellence.

The award-winning cosmetics crafted from Zalakaros healing water include massage cream, facial cream, body lotion, shower gel, and shampoo.

The new product line was introduced to the discerning audience during the 2023 Érték és Minőség Nagydíj awards ceremony. The debut of these spa-inspired cosmetics was a resounding success, and since September 7th, consumers have had the opportunity to choose from this award-winning product family, highlighting both value and quality.

The “Érték és Minőség Nagydíj” serves as a validation of the high standards upheld by Zalakaros Spa in Hungary.

Érték és Minőség Nagydíj Zalakaros gyógyvizes kozmetikumok

“As the director of Zalakaros Spa, I can confidently say that the spa represents value and quality in Hungary,”

– stated Andor Végh.

Visitors to Zalakaros who have experienced special treatments at the spa have already had the chance to try the massage cream infused with healing water. Other members of the product family include a body lotion and a combination of shower gel and shampoo, all made using Zalakaros healing water. Additionally, there is a hydrating facial cream tailored to the needs of both the 25+ and 45+ age groups, providing exceptional benefits.

When asked by Spabook, the sales and marketing manager of Zalakaros Spa revealed that the product family is expected to expand further in the future, with plans for the latest addition to be a medicinal product.

Feedback from guests has been overwhelmingly positive, which is crucial because the creators of these products aim to allow visitors to carry the Zalakaros experience with them and feel the pampering and rejuvenation provided by the healing water in the comfort of their homes.

– told the sales manager.

The Zalakaros healing water-based cosmetics can also be ordered online through their webshop.

But the introduction of cosmetic products isn’t the only innovation happening in Zalakaros. The Zalakaros Spa recently invested nearly 200 million Hungarian forints in developing a geothermal energy network, a project financed from its own budget.

The system was officially inaugurated on September 8, 2023, allowing the spa to use the D6 well’s water to replace natural gas for energy production. The water, which emerges from a depth of over 2000 meters at 96 degrees Celsius, was previously subjected to cold-water cooling at a depth of 40 meters before reaching the surface.

The new system prevents mineral deposits by adding a special substance at the mentioned depth, ensuring that the water reaches the surface at a temperature of 85-90 degrees Celsius. Softened water circulates through the established system, providing building heating once connected to the boiler.

The implementation of this geothermal energy solution promotes independence from fossil fuels, and the newly developed energy network is capable of replacing 200-250 thousand cubic meters of natural gas.

Geothermal energy represents an unlimited and continuous source of energy, offering a sustainable future for Zalakaros Spa. “Environmental consciousness and sustainability are of paramount importance for the future,” emphasized Andor Végh, the spa director.

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